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Seeing the World through the Lens of a Wine Glass

Hungry for Wine is maintained by Cathy Huyghe, wine writer for and author of Hungry for Wine: Seeing the World through the Lens of a Wine Glass.

Winner of the 2016 World Gourmand Book Award for Women in Wine!



"There aren't many (any?) wine books whose pages reference war, apartheid, and poverty, but Cathy Huyghe includes them all, wine glass in hand. It's personal and political -- with tasting notes." Lettie Teague, Wall Street Journal

"The greatest challenge to the novice wine drinker – who finds herself as a stranger, at least in the linguistically strange land of wine - is to form even the most rudimentary framework of a conceptual system to assimilate and organize her vinous impressions.  Cathy Huyghe’s book is most certainly not a how-to-become-a-wine-connoisseur-in-X-number-of-days, but rather an exploration of what a life that is passionate about wine looks like, feels like and sounds like. The point is that not everyone may understand wine, but most everyone understands passion, and with this book, one can jump in anywhere and find oneself immediately submersed.  (All roads lead to Rhône?) Like any worthwhile heuristic, this book models an approach to learning; it’s the poke or jab of the Zen master rather than the systematic accretion of hard data. Cathy Huyghe, eschewer of wine pointillism, lover of the qualitative vs. the quantitative, has given us a rather compelling narrative of a vibrant life experienced through the lens of wine." Randall Grahm, Winemaker

"Wine is unique because it conveys stories and landscapes. Cathy is a master storyteller, she makes us dream of sipping those wines she presents, of visiting those places, of meeting those people. A book that invites you to reflect, while reading it with one hand. Keep a glass of wine in the other." Pedro Ballesteros MW

"Wine is intrinsically all about stories and Cathy Huyghe is one gifted storyteller. Her book weaves together vivid tales of wine, people, politics, and the socio-ecosystems in which they coexist, and does so with genuine passion and personal flair. Brava, brava." Evan Goldstein MS

"Cathy Huyghe’s new book Hungry for Wine is a gem. It captures to perfection the enthusiasm of a wine lover as they meet their passion. Through a captivating re-telling of her own journey to becoming a wine lover she will inspire you in yours. The stories are as important (or more so) than the wines, and the book is a look at a life in wine that has not been done before. From collectors of rare wine to DIY winemakers in Portland, OR and Polynesian grape pickers in a vineyard in New Zealand, Cathy takes you where you least expect to go on your journey to wine appreciation." Charles Curtis MW

"Huyghe's style of writing is very conversational and even modest. Hers is not a style that delivers hard and fast declarations. Her prose reads quite a bit the way she sounds when chatting outside a Peet's Coffee. It makes her writing very easy and pleasurable. You realize you are not reading a Wine Writer but a writer on wine... Upon finishing Hungry for Wine, the wine lover is pushed away from wine and ends, up, at least for a while, contemplating how wine exposes our desires, how it connects us to other people, how it makes us feel and how wine cements us to communities. Instead of asking or urging us to delve down into a wine and understand its parts and origins, Huyghe ends up goading us to pull our noses out of the glass and look at the world and people around us, if through a wine glass." Tom C. Wark, Fermentation

"Wine books often take an educational tone primarily useful for the student or serious oenophile, making for dull reading. Wine is a pleasure studied by the senses; how could words compete? Yet, Huyghe makes reading about the fermented drink rewarding. Her memoir/travelogue reveals twelve stories about twelve wines, and the people and places that produced them, to deliver heartfelt and humbling allegories for our lives." Lauren Mowery, The Village Voice

Huyghe's "intelligence is only surpassed by her sensitive, thought-provoking soul... Whether you are a wine lover or not and regardless of whether wine plays a significant role in your life, Hungry for Wine is a must read, because it’s about something we all should be able to relate to — people." Gurvinder Bhatia, Edmonton Journal

"I have a weakness for wine books. But they have to deliver on either an intellectual or emotional level and be well-written. wine columnist Cathy Huyghe satisfies all of these cravings." Michaela Morris, Westender: Everything Vancouver

"Cathy Huyghe takes a hitchhiker's approach to wine, wandering the world with a notebook, camera and an empty glass... Huyghe takes us with her as she meets the winemakers, farmworkers and families behind some of the world's great wines." Michael Hiller, The Dallas Morning News

"I was very excited to read this book, as it is written by one of my favorite writers. [It] touches a very personal nerve with me, which is something I've yet to really experience to the degree to which this one did. I was able to put myself in her shoes and know exactly what she was feeling or experiencing at that moment. Many times throughout the book I thought to myself, 'Is that me?', allowing me to reflect upon my own personal experiences, and appreciate and enjoy this book on a deeper level than I could with any other book." Becca Yeamans-Irwin, The Academic Wino

"At a boutique wine shop here in Sonoma, Huyghe has just spoken before a boisterous local crowd. Amid the clamor of the room, her focus is undeterred: listening is Cathy Huyghe's superpower." Amy Bess Cook, Cavalier Career

"Huyghe brings the world and all of its imperfections, experiences and adventures to wine -- covering everything from migrant labor to war to politics. It's a refreshing angle on wine and a delightful read." Katie Kelly Bell,

"Each of the twelve chapters in Huyghe's book takes you on a different journey towards understanding wine not just as a product, but as a living expression of the people and passion behind it. Intended for the wine novice and wine expert alike, Huyghe's personal narrative helps convey what it means to be hungry for wine both physically and emotionally, and at times even spiritually." Allie Albanese, Parade magazine

"What an opus! Huyghe gives us a real world with real people, dirt, mold, war, economic dislocation. The unexpected -- a rabbit, octopi, a wine cemetery -- and above all, a people whose hearts have been forged in the furnace of life. Hungry for Wine provides an extraordinary and global lens on the people behind the drops in our glass. I have a new understanding about the people of the land who bring us incredibly unique and diverse wines. After reading Hungry For Wine, I hope never to drink wine again without a full cup of reverence." Allegra Jordan, Author of The End of Innocence

"Brilliantly written, Hungry for Wine exceeds my expectations in every chapter. It is sincere, refreshing, and significant. I saw the potential of this book from the first time I heard about it and flew into New York for its launch. Listening to Cathy Huyghe read the book gave me gave me an event more memorable experience with Hungry for Wine. It made me appreciate more the 'story behind the story.' She is a compelling storyteller who has found a very useful language in communicating wine even to non-wine professionals. And Cathy has done it so eloquently. Where other writers have failed, Cathy has succeeded in humanizing wine. Indeed, Hungry for Wine will change the way you look at wine. Forever." Arlene Oliveros, Certified Sommelier, Founder/CEO of World of Wines (WOW), Canada & Philippines

"There are many books out there telling you what to like and how to like it; this is not one of those. Forbes' wine business writer Cathy Huyghe details a beautiful picture of the wine experience while offering the reader a peek into the world she clearly loves so much. Huyghe brings enthusiasm, adventure and curiosity to the page, guiding you from a home cellar to the switchbacks of Santorini and encouraging you to live wine instead of simply observing it. This book is just the gift for both the educated connoisseur and an interested novice." Erin Jimcosky, CRAFT by Under My Host

"Not your typical wine book, by not your typical wine writer. Cathy Huyghe gathers the stories about her wine journey and the people and places that made her 'hungry' to dig deeper, observe and explore. A blend of travelogue, how-to-guide, tasting note journal, and manifesto; Huyghe’s compelling narrative will leave you hungering to examine the threads of your own wine discovery and weave them into your own story." Marcy Gordon, Founder, Writing Between the Vines

"These stories were insightful, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. Cathy has a knack for putting the right words together in the right order and at the right time to convey a fulsome story to her audience. And I love her tasting notes. They are unpretentious, original, and contextual, each one different from the other. There are hints of literature within some of these notes." Keith Edwards, Mise en Abyme

"Hungry for Wine presents a heartfelt and profound way of writing about and appreciating wine... It's the type of book that could help non-wine lovers understand what all the fuss is about. This is the first time I've enjoyed reading tasting notes. They came at the end of each chapter and were truly interesting to read -- not just because they're well written, but because as I read them, I pictured the people I just learned about behind the bottle. Consider this a warning: you may never drink a glass of wine the same after reading this book." -- Diana Zahuranec, WinePass Piemonte

“A lovely read for anyone who appreciates the human story behind wine. Well done!” Suzanne Hoffman, Managing Director, Dolce e Dani Wine Imports LLC

"Cathy tells stories of concern, both small and large, which makes this both pleasant and instructive reading. Storytelling is a concept often at issue when it comes to wine, and this is storytelling when it is really good." (translated from the Swedish) Magnus Reuterdahl, DinVinguide

"Huyghe draws a fascinating picture of the wine world, a picture that we in the Netherlands seldom get to read. She tells stories that are rarely told, except by some [non-wine] journalists... Luckily there is now Hungry for Wine. You have little excuse not to read it." (translated from the Dutch) Mariëlla Beukers, Wijn Kronieken

"In today's day and age when most people care only about a wine's score on the 100-point system, Cathy shows us instead what is truly important about the wine that is gracing your dinner table this evening: the people behind the wine. It seems only fitting that in today's age of social media, where we are connected to long lost friends and strangers around the world, that we should also be 'connected' to the people that have created our favorite wine." Tony Polzer, VinItaly International Ambassador

"My son went to see a comedian at a theater about an hour from our house last night so I took your book and sat at a tavern across the street waiting for him to get out. My favorite books are a hybrid of memoir/travelogue/food-wine so I sat at the bar with a glass of wine and dove into Hungry for Wine. Before I knew it, I was halfway through the book, and the bartender was telling me to look out the window -- the theater was emptying. The rest will have to wait for the weekend when I will make a special occasion out of finishing it by opening a bottle." -- Robin Shreeves, Mother Nature Network

"I learned so much about my daughter. Plus, it was really easy to read!" My Mom



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